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Acts of Creativity in Challenging Times

Jul 14, 2021

JULY 15th at 8pm on Facebook Live and Zoom – Hosted by Brighsky Community.


An evening of live music and discussion with Ruth Blake and Damien Mahoney, who delve into the creative and collaborative processes behind the song and video for ‘Burst Through The Borders’.

Join us in the room for an immersive experience! Sign up HERE.

Or if you prefer, watch via the Facebook Live Feed.

Damien will share the inspiration behind the title and lyrics for a song that imagines a positive transformation of our societies and institutions, dismantling the barriers and borders that separate us.

Joined by host Ann Skinner, the two will discuss how limitation and simplicity can aid creativity and how feelings of uncertainty, fear and helplessness in difficult circumstances can be transformed through art & collaboration.

Sharing live, original music from locations around the UK, the musicians will also talk about the influence of different texts & traditions on their work and the relevance of these in modern life.