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Official music video for Twisted Cord released

Mar 16, 2022

The new video for Caulbearers’ latest single is a collaboration between bandleader Damien Mahoney, sculptor & painter Ben Taylor and digital artist Latent Variables.

Like the song, it is a dark, psychedelic odyssey that journeys through initiations, magic, animism and other realms.

The video combines images of some of Ben’s original sculptures & paintings with footage shot in various locations in and around Devon’s Dartmoor forest where he lives, including material featuring vocalists Ruth Blake and Damien Mahoney.

Latent Variables continues his collaboration with the band, having done the video editing, post-production and visual fx on Twisted Cord, as well as for B-side ’Synching’ (Bubbling Spring Remix), and most of the previous Caulbearers releases.

Caulbearers continue the theme of working with different visual artists for each release.
Twisted Cord’s single artwork is an original piece by Ben Taylor, who often combines natural materials and up-cycled gems to create incredible, large-scale pieces of work. These reflect Ben’s reverence for nature, plants & magic, and depict some of the profound experiences of ancient spiritual traditions he has been initiated into.

The original ‘Twisted Monkey‘ sculpture, featured on the cover of the single, is available to purchase on Ben’s website at mometo.net where you can also check out a wide range of his other sculptural and artistic works.

Video directed by Ben Taylor, Damien Mahoney & Latent Variables.

Filmed by Ben Taylor.

Video editing, post-production and visual fx by Latent Variables.

Twisted Cord official music video

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