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‘Synching’ (Bubbling Spring Remix) Official Music video

Jun 1, 2022

Manchester’s Caulbearers are back to grace us with their latest track ‘Synching (Bubbling Spring Remix)’, the B-side to their recently-released ‘Twisted Cord’ single. While the original (non-remix) version was initially released on the band’s ‘More Lie Deep’ EP back in 2011, this new rendition gets a breath of new life with additional production by Seadna Mcphail and via a new video, which was filmed by Ben Taylor with editing, post-production and visual effects by Latent Variables.


“While this song is a celebration of the simplicity and wonder of silent meditation practice, the lead-track flip side presents an infectious high-frequency funk-rock offering with Stone Roses-eque bass and bittersweet, multi-layered laments. It’s also a vibrant and grounded celebration of this earth and humanity’s interconnectedness. What can we say? Both tracks are fabulous. uplifting and well-balanced compositions that will have you readily hitting the repeat button.”

Skylight Webzine

“…holistically synchronises mind, body and soul with a flow of serene sonics that capture the beauty and wonder of music.”

The Manc Review (Single Of The Day)

“This song is about how observing our own natural breath and physical sensations in the body can be so effective to access & transform buried emotions. Often we have learnt to ignore our true feelings from a young age and rely on external coping mechanisms to numb pain or to ‘get out if it’, so we can feel disassociated from our bodies at times of stress and anxiety. As the psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk says, ’The Body Keeps The Score!’” says Damien Mahoney.

“The song asks ‘what’s gonna be your dummy next?’ In my experience, we often subtly try to swap one ‘dummy’ or addiction for another, rather than staying present to really feel what is happening in our bodies. If we can ‘turn the noise down’ enough to listen, they are an incredible source of wisdom for us.”

This 2-track single was mixed by Seadna Mcphail (Badly Drawn Boy, Jah Wobble, Everything Everything, I Am Kloot, Happy Mondays) and mastered by Jim Spencer (New Order, Johnny Marr, Charlatans, Factory Floor).

Synching (Bubbling Spring Remix) official music video

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