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Stephen Raw and Stirzocular collaboration for Over Comes A Cloud artwork

Oct 26, 2020

The original artwork for Caulbearers’ new single ‘Over Comes A Cloud’ features the stunning lettering work of artist and designer Stephen Raw, with the layout and design work of longtime Caulbearers collaborator, the visual artist, Stirzocular. A limited number of the prints are available to buy from our Bandcamp page.

Based in Manchester for over 40 years, London-born Stephen Raw’s output is varied, from paintings in international exhibitions, cover designs and architectural work through to collaborations with the previous Poet Laureate, Dame Carol Anne Duffy.

“Fundamental to all my artwork,” Stephen says, “is a love of language and how that language is given a visual dimension through signs we simply call letters: never-failing sources of inspiration. Letters are images in themselves and, for me, that’s more than enough to be getting on with.”

Damien Mahoney from Caulbearers saw examples of Stephen’s work on walls and posters in his Old Trafford neighbourhood, including the ’Together Unafraid’ banner, created as a response to the Manchester Arena bombing.

“Whenever I saw Stephen’s design work, I felt a sense of depth and expansiveness that I thought resonated with the songs and the band. I was persistent in hassling Stephen to collaborate once I’d tracked him down!

“He was very gracious and open and an absolute gentleman. Not only did he create the beautiful lettering for the band name and the song title but was also able to create the calligraphy for the Chinese characters in the design.”

Special thanks go to Silvia Lam and family for the help and advice on the use of traditional Chinese text.

A limited number of print copies of the design can be ordered via the button below: